A N Wilson – Victoria: A Life

Thursday 6th June 2pm


“Writing about Queen Victoria has been one of the most joyous experiences of my life. I have read thousands (literally) of letters never before published, and grown used to her as to a friend. Maddening? Egomaniac? Hysterical? A bad mother? Some have said so. What emerged for me was a brave, original woman who was at the very epicentre of Britain’s changing place in the world.”

To many, Queen Victoria is a ruler shrouded in myth and mystique — an aging, stiff widow, paraded as the figurehead to an all-male imperial enterprise. But in truth, as acclaimed biographer A. N. Wilson reveals in his landmark biography of Britain’s longest reigning monarch, Victoria was one of the most passionate, expressive, humorous and unconventional women who ever lived, and the story of her life continues to fascinate.

Raised in Staffordshire, educated at Rugby and New College, Oxford and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, Wilson is a  prolific and eclectic author and newspaper columnist,  known for his critical biographies, novels, works of popular history and religious views –  from The Elizabethans and The Victorians to Dante, Hitler, Betjeman, Josiah Wedgwood, Jesus and more.